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About Your Captain on This Journey

Welcome to AirplaneMag.com, your portal to the thrilling world of aviation, led by Steve – your captain and guide on this high-flying adventure.


Steve is not just an aviation enthusiast; he’s a seasoned professional with a deep-rooted passion for the skies. With decades of experience in the airline industry, Steve’s journey began as a wide-eyed dreamer fascinated by the magic of flight.

He climbed the ranks, from eager student pilot to becoming a seasoned airline captain, guiding passengers safely through the clouds. After retiring from the airlines, Steve couldn’t stay away from the cockpit. He embraced the world of private aviation, earning his wings as a private pilot.

A Passion for Safety:

Throughout his extensive career, Steve developed an unwavering commitment to safety in aviation. He understands the critical importance of staying informed, learning from incidents, and ensuring that every flight, from the smallest Cessna to the largest jumbo jet, is as safe as it can be. This passion for aviation safety is the backbone of AirplaneMag.com.

What to Expect:

At AirplaneMag.com, Steve shares his wealth of knowledge, captivating stories from his time in the air, and a keen eye for the latest aviation news, with a particular focus on safety. Whether you’re a fellow pilot, an aviation enthusiast, or simply someone who wants to stay informed about the world above, Steve’s insights and expertise will be your compass in the skies.

As we navigate the vast world of aviation together, Captain Steve and AirplaneMag.com invite you to fasten your seatbelt and join us on this thrilling journey. From the latest developments in aviation safety to incredible tales from the cockpit, we promise to inform, inspire, and instill in you the same love for aviation that fuels our passion every day.

Welcome aboard!

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